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Recently, Jefferson Healthcare expanded and enhanced cardiovascular services to provide a wider array of treatment options right here on the peninsula.

Physical expansion of the Cardiology Clinic space was critical to accommodate patient need, add services and keep patients close to home. Board certified Cardiologists, Matthew Voorsanger, MD, and David Tinker, MD, continue to consult and treat patients with exceptional preventative, non-invasive cardiac care. In addition, the expansion provides room for an Advanced Practice Provider to see patients—creating convenient access to care. The bigger space will also allow for an increase in cardiac monitoring abilities, including device checks and the opportunity for an electrophysiologist, Dr. Segerson, to conduct consultations at Jefferson Healthcare.

The newly renovated space features a Cardiovascular Lab (CV Lab), which is able to perform most of the cardiac diagnostics ever needed by our community. Drs. Tinker and Voorsanger work closely with their team, the CV Lab technicians and physicians, to perform nuclear diagnostic testing including Echocardiograms (ECHO) and Stress Echocardiograms. A nuclear stress test injects dye into the bloodstream to take images of the heart at rest and after stress/exercise. This helps

the cardiologist determine heart health, see the size and shape of the heart, measure how well it is pumping blood and make decisions about next steps. Patients once had to travel over an hour to receive these procedures. Now these safe and painless procedures can be done on site, and patients can get back home the same day.

When a higher level of cardiac care is required, Drs. Tinker and Voorsanger partner closely with the team at Harrison Medical Center who provide additional specialty procedures. Because of their relationship with the cardiology team at Harrison Medical Center, Drs. Tinker and Voorsanger are able to guide their patients through the entire process for a seamless delivery of care.

The ultimate goal, of course, would be to reduce future cardiac events. Under the guidance of Dr. Tinker, Jefferson Healthcare is working to reinvigorate the Cardiac Rehab Department to provide a continuum of care with the Cardiology Clinic. With the support of physician leadership and Harrison Health Partners, Jefferson Healthcare will re-introduce an improved cardiac rehab program when it opens the expanded Cardiology Clinic.

Drs. Tinker and Voorsanger believe a key component to a cardiac rehab program, as well as to your overall heart health, is diet, exercise and education. Statistics show with a proper exercise program and a heart healthy diet patients can decrease the likelihood of a reoccurring heart-related episode.

Typically, Cardiac Rehab will start a patient on a program consisting of easy to moderate cardiovascular exercises. Diet plays a significant role as well, often adjustments can be made by lowering salt intake, limiting caffeine and alcohol, and adding additional fruits and vegetables. Managing stress can play a significant role in heart health and meditation in a variety of forms can help. A key element of cardiac rehab in educating yourself. How can you manage risk factors—quit smoking? make heart healthy nutrition choices?

Schedule a consultation with our cardiac team or cardiologists by calling the Jefferson Healthcare Cardiology Clinic at 360.344.1001.

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