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Telemedicine visits are currently available with Primary Care Providers and some specialty clinics.  Virtual visits allow us to provide safe, effective, and convenient care through common technologies such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Simple process

Use the visit hyperlink, sent from the clinic staff, and login about 10 minutes prior to your appointment.  A medical assistant will start the appointment, confirm identity and review allergies and medications.  After all the necessary information is collected the Provider will resume the virtual visit.

Clinic visit

In some instances, the telehealth visit may result in the provider recommending an in office if you are describing symptoms or concerns that can only be fully assessed face-to-face.

coordinated care

Your provider may recommend further imaging or lab work at the end of your appointment.  Please know, when you need hands-on care, we have created the safest possible environment.  While we always have high standards of cleanliness, we’ve taken extra steps to maintain social distance in our clinics and in our hospital.

Patient telemedicine instructions

We want our telemedicine visits to be as smooth as possible, we’re happy to offer a safe alternative that allows our patients to stay home when needed, and we’ll continue to look for ways to make our telemedicine visits better.  There are a few things you can to do to make your experience successful by following these simple steps.

Before the appointment:

  1. Click on this blue hyperlink for Tips for Great Video Call
  2. From your smartphone, tablet or computer, go to this link to run Precall test
  3. Verify you are set up with microphone and camera for virtual visit

The day of the appointment:

  1. Login to your MyChart account via the web or app on your mobile device
  2. Click the hyperlink below ten (10) minutes before your appointment time.
  3. Click on this hyperlink to start video visit
  4. After is opened, you will be asked to select your provider
  5. Please enter your full name when requested
  6. You will be taken to a Virtual Waiting Room’.
    Your provider will join you shortly. *There is nothing to click on with this screen.

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