Dental Care

Integrated care

Jefferson Healthcare’s Dental Clinic, slated to open this spring,  will be the first dental clinic in the state to address the needs of the under and un-insured and patients with Medicaid. The clinic will be co-located in the Sheridan Medical Office Building which currently houses primary care integrated with behavioral health.  This allows dental services to be fully integrated into other aspects of healthcare.

Access to affordable dental care

Our goal and focus is to provide preventative, restorative dentistry to our under and un-insured community members and those with Medicaid.

Preventative health

Prevention and a healthy lifestyle are important.  We offer full service hygiene appointments: comprehensive oral exams for children and adults, including complete x-rays, oral cancer screening, periodontal exams, and  adult prophylaxis-teeth cleaning.

Coordinated services

Seamless referral between primary care providers, specialty care, Emergency Department and the Dental Clinic.   Surgical clearance for procedures conveniently scheduled within the Jefferson Healthcare system.  In clinic, urgent and emergency appointment slots available daily.

Whole person care

We believe whole body heath is important and proper dental care is key.  Preventative oral care can potentially eliminate painful and costly emergency visits as well as help avoid other health issues.  Prenatal dental care is important piece for expectant mothers who often experience gestational gingivitis, painful inflammation of the gums.


We believe education and outreach are vital to improving the dental health of our community.  From children to seniors we strive to better educate.

clinic hours

Monday–Friday, 8am – 5pm


Sheridan Building


p) 360.344.1005

f) 360.344.1004

  Please check back regularly for appointment availability as the opening approaches.

This project has been made possible with support from the Taxpayers of Washington State, Washington State Hospital Association, Washington State Legislators, and the Arcora Foundation. Jefferson Healthcare acknowledges the Washington State District 24 Legislative Delegation, Representatives Tharinger and Chapman, and Senator Van De Wege, for their vision in identifying the need for dental services in Jefferson County and their support in moving this work forward.

Jefferson Healthcare Dental Clinic
Jefferson Healthcare Dental Clinic

Your Team

Pavel Vasilyuk, DDS

Dental Care
p) 360.344.1005f) 360.344.1004

Accepting patients

Sheridan Building

Jefferson Healthcare Clinic

Sheridan Building

Jefferson Healthcare Clinic

William Catelli, II, DDS, MPH, MaCSD

Dental Care
p) 360.344.1005f) 360.344.1004

Accepting patients

Sheridan Building

Jefferson Healthcare Clinic

Sheridan Building

Jefferson Healthcare Clinic

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Appointments can be made at the end of June 2019,
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Contact: Hilary Metzger, RN, 360.385.2200 ext. 1200

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