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Plastic and Reconstructive surgery is a broad field which encompasses surgery from head to toe.  Whether it is hand and wrist surgery, breast and skin cancer reconstruction, wound care or cosmetic procedures there is a need for care no matter where a patient lives.

Steps to ensure your safety

Our COVID-19 response ensures that every person entering the hospital and clinics is screened for temperature and respiratory illness symptoms.  Universal masking is in place for all patients, visitors, and employees.  Exam rooms and waiting areas receive extra cleanings and we have created physical distancing between patients.

Breast cancer and skin cancer reconstruction

Early consultation with a reconstructive plastic surgeon is critical after a breast cancer diagnosis.  Early decisions can play a significant part in positive patient outcomes. Reconstruction after mastectomy, lumpectomy or balancing procedures for asymmetry of nonaffected breasts can be implemented.  Skin cancer reconstruction for areas all over the body requires specialized techniques from skin grafting, local and regional flaps to biological regenerative therapies. Dr. Meyerson brings his expertise to promote healing and minimize scarring.

Wound Care and reconstruction

Certain factors can contribute to wounds healing improperly and becoming chronic wounds. Some disease processes that limit the bodies ability to heal include diabetes, radiation therapy, peripheral vascular disease and using tobacco and nicotine.  Complex chronic wounds that require skin grafts or tissue transfer  are hard to heal and  require the trained hands and eyes of a plastic surgeon. Meyerson brings a team approach to the already well established Wound Clinic to ensure all areas of the healing process are addressed for the patient from local wound care to surgical reconstruction.

Plastic surgery and future cosmetic procedures

Plastic Surgery as a field is on a continuum. Some cases can be insurance covered such as breast reductions and panniculectomies (removal of excess abdominal tissue) while other procedures are considered cosmetic and not covered by insurance.  Breast and body contouring after weight loss, liposuction, gynecomastia correction, breast lifts, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation (e.g. Botox and Fillers) are examples of cosmetic cases.

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