What is My Chart?

My Chart Providence Washington offers secure online access to portions of your electronic health record (EHR), called Epic. It enables you to securely use the Internet to receive and help manage information about your health, such as prescription refills and health records.

With My Chart |  Providence of Washington, you can:
  • Review test results.
  • View healthcare notes through OpenNotes
  • View current medications and allergies.
  • Request prescription refills.
  • Communicate through secure email with your clinic’s medical care team and Patient Access Service team members.
  • MyChart help desk  833.395.2035
My Chart Jefferson Healthcare Washington

How to sign up for MyChart

  • Click the Go To My Chart button
  • Choose “Sign In to MyChart” (This button works for both Sign in and Sign Up)
  • A cell phone is necessary to confirm identity.  No cell phone? Call 833.395.2035 for support.

What is OpenNotes

Each time you have an appointment or discussion with your clinician, he or she describes what happened in a note.  Notes often start by listing the symptoms or questions you have. Some also list the medications you take or medications prescribed during a visit, findings of your physical exam (such as blood pressure or how your lungs sound), lab tests ordered, and the overall plan for taking care of you. Notes become a part of your medical record.

Notes will be available after your visit under “Past Visits & Past Appointments”.  Select “View Notes”.

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Reading your notes
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