Wound Care

Relieving Your Pain

 Certified wound specialists provide a full range of wound care services and wound care management, including therapeutic and negative pressure dressings, biofilm and antimicrobial therapies, debridement, compression, edema management and ostomy services.

Expert assessment and care

Certified wound and ostomy specialists provide individualized care for acute and chronic wounds using evidenced-based methods for maximizing independence and quality of life.  Patients with chronic, complex or non-healing wounds should be seen in the Wound Clinic.  Patients with these types of wounds often benefit from debridement, advanced wound healing techniques and advanced wound dressings/products.  For example, Negative Pressure Wound therapy when indicated, disposable compression wraps, collagen and advanced foam dressings to promote healing are often used.


Wound healing can be complicated by age, chronic disease, diet, activity level, immune function, vascular issues and radiation therapy.

Edema Management

The Wound Clinic can assist with lower extremity edema management in a limited capacity if there are no open wounds.  Additional edema support can be accessed through Rehabilitation Services.

Ostomy Services

Ostomy certified registered nurses provide education and treatment to patients with ostomies.  Pre-op stoma markings in the case of planned ostomy procedures can also be assessed.  Self-care education and home supply coordination can be provided to those with colostomies, ileostomies, urostomies, and/or wounds to the peristomal skin.

A dedicated team

Our team of specially trained providers, nurses, medical assistants, and health educators collaborate on a personalized plan to maximize your healing potential. Your plan may include advice about diet, exercise therapy, occupational and physical therapy.  As your critical access wound clinic, we provide leading-edge wound care combining best practices with the latest science and healing tools.


Patients require a referral from another provider to be treated in the Wound Clinic. Primary care providers, surgeons, or emergency room providers are often the referring providers. Current Home Health patients can work with the home health nurse and primary care providers to received Wound Clinic consults.

Clinic Hours

Monday–Thursday, 8 am–4:30 pm


Medical Center, Oncology, 3rd floor ESSB


p) 360.385.9961

Team Approach

Wound care, negative pressure dressing, ostomy counseling

Identification of the wound cause is critical to healing; no dressing will heal a wound if the underlying problem remains.  We aim to foster patient relationships based on trust and depend on the cooperative effort of the clinic team and patient. Our patients are at the center of their own healing.  Patients may be asked to perform wound care at home between visits. We depend on patients to follow home care instructions carefully and communicate changes, questions and concerns right away.

wound care, negative pressure dressings, ostomy counseling

Your Team

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Wound Care
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