Knee Replacement Surgery

To us, it’s not just your knee

With robotic-assisted surgery and an expert team of orthopedic surgeons, you have access to cutting edge technology to relieve knee pain and the best in comprehensive joint care for your knee, right here at home.

Free Orthopedic Health Seminars

We understand that patients are more involved in their care now than ever before and that they demand a greater experience throughout their entire journey of care.  We’ve designed free health seminars to engage and inform individuals considering joint replacement with a spotlight on the lifecycle of degenerative joint pain and how joint replacement can be a safe and reliable option to restore an individual’s quality of life. Register today and take the first step towards better health!

Continuum of care

Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Services work hand in hand to provide a full continuum of care, and our health seminars are a fantastic way to start the conversation early and ensure your needs are met.  We also provide pre-surgery classes to guide and prepare the patient for surgery, pre-operative exercise classes and post-surgery rehabilitation to facilitate improved function.

Award-winning care

We’re proud to have been named one of America’s 100 Best Hospitals for Patient Experience by the Women’s Choice Award® at the end of 2022. Our patients are our top priority, and we know they deserve the best care and experience possible.

Care plan

The team uses a special care plan specifically for joint-replacement patients.  Every aspect of a patient’s care from pre-admission and surgery to inpatient recovery and outpatient rehabilitation is carefully planned and coordinated to ensure the best patient outcomes.  Education and preparation before surgery will help set expectations and prepare for a smooth discharge and back to a normal routine.

Coordinated care

During treatment, you may have many providers working to help you get better. Our navigators will coordinate your care beginning with diagnosis through treatment and recovery. We create a comprehensive treatment plan personalized and based on your health and wellness needs.

Knee replacement

A knee replacement (also called knee arthroplasty) might be more accurately termed a knee “resurfacing” because only the surface of the bone is actually replaced.  This provides a smooth and low friction condition in which knee pain and stiffness are relieved and function is restored.

To Your Health – Podcast

Restore function to damaged joints, a new episode featuring our guest Paul Naumann, MD, FAAOS, is now available to listen to on demand here 

Free Orthopedic Health Seminars

  • Tuesday, March 21, 3:00 pm, Cotton Building, Port Townsend
  • Tuesday, June 6, 3:00 pm, Bay Club, Port Ludlow
  • Tuesday, September 12, 3:00 pm, Cotton Building, Port Townsend

Register today and take the first step towards better health!

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When knee pain keeps you from doing what you love.

David Logue, a lifetime resident of Port Townsend knew the discomfort only too well.  As an avid jogger and biker and days spent standing on concrete while at work, his knees were taking a beating.  Read more…

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About the knee joint

The knee as the largest join in the body is required to perform most joint activities.

The knee is made up of the lower end of the thighbone (femur), the upper end of the shinbone (tibia) and the kneecap (patella).  The ends of these three bones where they touch are covered with articular cartilage, a smooth substance that protects the bones and enables them to move easily.

Common reasons for a replacement

The most common cause of chronic knee pain and disability is arthritis.  Although there are many types of arthritis, most knew pain is caused by just three types: osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and post traumatic arthritis.

Symptoms may include:

    • Stiffness, particularly in the morning or after a period of increased activity
    • Inability to more a joint normally or walk a reasonable distance
    • Recurring pain or tenderness
    • Difficulties with activities of daily living that require bending your knee or squatting

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