Campus Modernization & Expansion Project Overview

Improving access and meeting the needs of our community


In 2015, when Jefferson Healthcare made an application to build the ESSB, the newest building, we were required to perform a Tier 2 structural and seismic evaluation of the buildings constructed in 1965 and 1988. The 1965 building has been determined to be beyond its useful life, and engineering reports identified serious seismic and structural deficiencies and recommended replacement before 2025.

Additionally, with more patients in the community seeking care at Jefferson Healthcare, we have quickly outgrown our space. We need additional space to continue to meet the health needs of our community.

Building Update October 24

Expand space for current services

  • Medical Oncology
  • Dermatology Clinic
  • Wound Clinic
  • Express Care Clinic
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic

Develop space for new specialties

  • Linear Accelerator/Radiation Oncology
  • Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Neurology
  • Pulmonology
  • Geriatrics
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
Aerial view of Jefferson Healthcare.

What buildings need to be replaced and why?

In 2015, when Jefferson Healthcare applied to build the Emergency & Specialty Services Building (ESSB), the newest building, a Tier 2 structural and seismic evaluation of the buildings constructed in 1965 and 1988 was required. Through this evaluation, the 1965 building was determined to be seismically unsound and it was recommended to replace, retrofit, or modernize within seven to ten years.

What services will this construction project impact?

Demolition of the 1965 building and retrofit of the remaining 1988 building would require a replacement building to locate many services, including the OB/GYN clinic, Express Clinic, MRI Services, Surgery Pre-Op, Vascular Imaging, many critical support services, administration, and the Cafe.

Aside from the services being relocated to the new building, what other services will be housed in the building?

We want to introduce new services that our community most frequently accessed outside of the county.

  • Ear Nose & Throat
  • Neurology
  • Pulmonology
  • Geriatric Specialty Services
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Expanding our oncology services to include radiation oncology utilizing a linear accelerator

Will the 1965 building be demolished before a new building begins?

The structural integrity of the 1965 is fragile and tenuous and while a phased approach would be easier in terms of keeping the cafeteria and other services operating as long as possible, it doesn’t appear to be the most viable option. We are working with engineers to examine the options closely, but the assumption is that the entire building would come down. Everybody in it would be relocated.

Will Jefferson Healthcare maintain clinical services during the construction?

Jefferson Healthcare is the healthcare system for Jefferson County and we will work closely with engineers to ensure we continue to maintain all services during construction.

What is the growth of Jefferson Healthcare attributed to?

The growth of Jefferson Healthcare over the last eight years hasn’t been because of significant new disease in our community. It’s because Jefferson Healthcare has developed more specialty services to provide care locally. Our commitment to keeping high-quality care local has increased our daily visits from 300 to 625 between 2014 and 2021.

Will parking for patients and employees be addressed in the new plans?

Additional parking is a big part of the project, and we will follow a formula based on square footage, number of exam rooms, patients, and employees. That number provides an overall estimate of how many spaces we think we need.  Additionally, new state codes will require us to provide a minimum amount of electronic vehicle charging stations.

Are there wellness focuses in the plans i.e. community pool and indoor exercise?

There are many important community needs, and we are in close contact with the city, county other community partners, discussing the overall needs and the community’s ability to support them.

How many employees do we anticipate hiring for the project?

As we continue to expand our current services to meet community need, bringing on new service lines that are estimated to create an additional 70–75 jobs at Jefferson Healthcare over the next five years, we need to be developing solutions to this critical issue.

Jefferson Healthcare funded the new Emergency & Specialty Services Building (ESSB), how much was that?

The ESSB cost Jefferson Healthcare $29 million and is being funded from operations without any additional taxpayer support.

How does Jefferson Healthcare plan to assist with the affordable housing shortage in Jefferson County?

Jefferson Healthcare recognizes the community-wide challenge of affordable housing and applauds the efforts of the multiple agencies working on resolving this. We are singularly focused on modernizing and expanding the JH campus and have limited resources to lend to additional community housing initiatives. However, we are committed to this process and will play a supporting role by engaging in planning efforts, defining the housing needs of our workforce, and being an active participant in grant identification and writing, and advocacy.

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