Hello Neighbors

Over the past year, our community has worked together to stay healthy and reduce the spread of COVID-19.  We’ve done a great job–but in doing so, many people have delayed getting necessary health care. And in some cases, not getting help could mean jeopardizing your health.

Now is the time to catch up on your health care so that when we’re able to catch up on hugs with grandkids and dinners with friends, you can be your healthiest self.  February is National Heart Health Month, and I encourage you to check out our article about heart health and steps to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease.   Each offers easy steps to incorporate healthy activity into our lives.

Sometimes preventative heart health measures aren’t enough, and additional care is required.  Our recently expanded Cardiology clinic allows our cardiologist to treat patients with exceptional preventative, non-invasive cardiac care, and echocardiogram and nuclear diagnostic testing as well as space to conduct cardiac monitoring, device checks and electrophysiologist consultations. When a higher level of cardiac care is required, our cardiologists partner closely with the team at St. Michael’s Medical Center, who provide additional specialty procedures.  The partnership allows our cardiologists to guide patients through the entire process for seamless delivery of care.

We want you to know our clinics throughout the county are safe, open, and available to care for you and your family, and virtual visits remain an option for many concerns.  Be assured, anyone entering our facilities is temperature screened and masked for all of our safety.  We always encourage social distancing and are proud to say over 75% of our staff is immunized against COVID-19, adding one more layer of protection to keep you safe.

Jefferson Healthcare’s award-winning clinical team is working to make sure our community is as healthy as it can be, but we need your help. Catch up on your care. We’re looking forward to caring for you.

Mike Glenn

Covid-19 Updates

To learn more about the steps that Jefferson Healthcare is taking to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and care for our community, please click here.

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