Visiting Hours

Jefferson Healthcare visiting hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm. Please speak to a nurse if you would like to stay overnight with a family member to give comfort and extra care.

Hand Washing

Washing your hands is one of the best defenses against disease. While visiting the hospital, we encourage you to use hand sanitizer conveniently located throughout the building and to wash your hands when entering or leaving a patient area.


Patients who are sick are not able to fight off infections as easily as healthy people. Please do not visit if you are feeling unwell. While visiting, we ask that you do not:

  • Use the patient washrooms
  • Sit on patient beds
  • Use the patient phone
  • Share the patient’s food or use their utensils, glasses or cups.

Patient Advocate

p) 360.385.2200, ext. 2235

Social Services

p) 360.385.2200, ext. 3315

Ethics Consultation Services

p) 360.344.0417

For more information on physician order for life sustaining treatment, call:

p) 360.385.0610