Imaging & Radiology

Advanced Technology, Best Practices

Diagnostic Imaging delivers high-quality imaging services including x-ray, MRI and Cat Scan, in a patient friendly environment. 24/7  services, our radiology department is staffed with board-certified radiologists and our licensed and certified radiologic technologists.

Comprehensive X-Ray

Identify fractured bones, infections, bowel obstructions, pneumonia and other abnormalities in the body.

Nuclear Medicine

Assists in the diagnoses of cancer, cardiac anomalies, endocrine disorders and tumor identification.

Cat Scan (CT)

Generate detailed images of internal organs, bones, soft tissue and blood vessels. Commonly used to evaluate for stroke or detect cancers and diseases.


Evaluate soft tissue such as meniscus in the knee or ligament tears. Also used to diagnose a variety of conditions such as diseases of the liver, gallbladder, bowel and brain.

Bone Densitometry

Advanced technology called dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, or DEXA, is used to accurately and painlessly measure the density and mineral content of bone.

3D Mammography

Patients can receive the latest in 3D mammography screening at Jefferson Healthcare’s Imaging Department.

Comprehensive Imaging Services

Our trained providers and technologists partner with RADIA Radiologist group considered one of the top imaging groups in the nation. We provide the right care when you need it most.

Clinic hours

Monday–Friday, 7:30 am–6 pm


Medical Center, Diagnostic Imaging East, main floor ESSB


p) 360.385.2200 ext. 2100
f)  360.379.2251

Randy Holeman, director 360.385.2200 ext. 2101

Port Ludlow Hours

Monday-Friday 3 pm-5 pm


Quality and patient service

Our Radiologist review images and send results to the ordering physician, who will follow up with the patient. Results are typically available to the ordering physician within 48 hours. Results will also be available through the MyChart patient portal, once reviewed by the ordering physician.


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Convenient Locations

Imaging services are available in several locations on Jefferson Healthcare’s main campus. X-Ray services are also available at the Port Ludlow Clinic, Monday – Friday 3pm -5pm.

Your Team

Marc G. Koenig, MD

Imaging & Radiology
p) 360.3385.2200 ext 2100

Accepting patients

Medical Center

Jefferson Healthcare Clinic

Medical Center

Jefferson Healthcare Clinic

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