The gym is closed, now what?

The local athletic club is closed. Your beloved yoga studio’s offerings have changed. Water aerobics is taking an indefinite hiatus. You are feeling out of shape, out of your routine, and unsure what you can do to support your health and wellness during this time.

As a physical therapist, I hear you and I see you. Many of my current patients are in Physical Therapy because the things they used to do to keep them active are now unavailable. Old aches and pains that used to be kept at bay with regular exercise are rearing their ugly heads because the wonderful equipment they use at the gym is not available to them at home. Other patients have tried new forms of exercise, only to be defeated by a new injury because their body didn’t have strength or flexibility in key spots to accommodate their new activity. Does this sound familiar?

Please don’t get complacent with your body’s new normal. Don’t chalk it up to COVID and sit at home in pain and frustration until the pandemic is over. Call or message your providers and let them know how you are doing with your mobility and fitness and ask if physical therapy may be able to help. Physical activity at a moderate intensity for 150 minutes per week is the Department of Health’s recommendation for maintaining overall wellness for all adults.

Exercising outdoors helps not only physical health but also mental health. If you have been struggling with being sedentary, I encourage you go for a short walk most days this week. If you can’t walk outdoors due to fall risk, pain, or activity intolerance, know that your rehab team would love nothing more than to meet you and help you during this time.

Jefferson Healthcare Rehabilitation Services can assess and treat any impairments impacting your ability to be physically active and enjoy yourself. We are masked, goggled, sanitized, and ready to help you use this downtime to optimize your physical health, supporting you in whatever way we can. And while we’re at it we may as well get the raincoats out and ready… because we all know what fall is going to bring. That will be the next barrier to tackle.

Article by:

Mary Breckel, DPT

Mary has a special interest in using exercise in proper spinal alignment to promote optimal health, and enjoys working with patients with chronic conditions including but not limited to osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes and chronic pain.

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