Telemedicine visits with your Jefferson Healthcare provider

If you haven’t heard the news, Jefferson Healthcare now offers telemedicine visits to our patients. You can have a face-to-face appointment with your provider using your smartphone or computer without leaving your home.

Telemedicine visits are one of the many ways we are adapting to the coronavirus pandemic.  This is a new technology for many providers and patients alike. To help prepare for your first telehealth visit, we have some tips to help you get ready and maximize the quality of your visit.

5 Tips for the Best Possible Telemedicine Visit with Your Provider

1.  Make sure you have a smartphone or tablet with a front-facing camera and internet connectivity or PC/laptop with a camera and microphone. Phones and tablets without internet connectivity or front-facing cameras will be unable to conduct a telehealth visit.

  • If you’re using a computer, please use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox internet browsers to conduct the visit. Internet Explorer will not work.
    You will need to allow camera and microphone access on your mobile device. Watch this helpful tutorial if you need assistance.
  • Before your visit, make sure your phone or laptop battery is adequately charged, or that the device is plugged in and charging.

2.  If possible, find a private, well-lit place to conduct your visit with limited background noise or interruptions. You want to make it easy for your doctor to see and hear you. You can also use headphones to make it easier to hear and keep your conversation private.

3.  Be patient as the software connects and be aware that the call might drop. If that happens, use this link to continue the session. An Internet connection can cut in and out, and there’s also a learning curve to the telemedicine software. If the connection is lagging, the internet bandwidth might be overloaded, and you may have to reset the call. Just know that when these connection issues occur, your doctor is working to get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

4.  If you have any questions for your doctor beforehand, write down some notes or worrisome symptoms you’re having so you don’t forget to ask about them. Likewise, don’t forget to ask your doctor about any follow-up plans or recommendations at the end of your visit.

While we’re still learning how to make our telemedicine visits as smooth as possible, we’re happy to offer a safe alternative that allows our patients to stay home when needed, and we’ll continue to look for ways to make our telemedicine visits better.

Want to change your next appointment to a telemedicine visit with your provider? Call your provider to schedule an appointment.

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