COVID-19 Vaccine Updates (Archive)

Vaccination Update, Friday, February 26, 2021

Vaccine Supply:

Here we go again!

Today we received confirmation that we will receive another primary/1st dose Pfizer allocation of 1170 doses. We expect the vaccine to arrive early next week. This is great news for our community and supports our belief that vaccine supply lines are increasing and becoming more predictable.

1000 Email invitations for vaccination appointments were sent out Friday afternoon inviting those as young as 69 years old who registered through our “When is it my turn” notification system.  We are as pleased to see the line move as you are and hope to be able to offer vaccination appointments to all residents over the age of 65 within the next few weeks. If you are 65 and older and have not registered for vaccination on “when is it my turn”, please do so and we will contact you when you are eligible.

Vaccination Update, Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Vaccine Supply:

We have emailed appointment links to over 3500 community members who signed up with our “When is it my turn?” notification list.  And as of Monday morning, emails went to individuals as young as 70 years old!

Residents continue to sign up for a notification, and when added to the list, they are prioritized by age.  The list is also sorted by the sign-up date.  The oldest are always notified first, and we continue down the list sorted by age and sign-up date.  Progress through the age bands has gone more quickly than anticipated. New (older) individuals add to the list, and others fall off because they received vaccine elsewhere or do not respond after several attempts.  These factors make it challenging to share the exact age group that is currently eligible at Jefferson Healthcare.   While email notifications went to 70 year olds this week, not all 70 year olds on the list were contacted due to the amount of vaccine on hand.

Vaccination Update, Friday, February 19, 2021

Vaccine Supply:

This week was inspiring because we immunized another 1000 community members against COVID-19! We continue to move through our “When is it my turn” notification list, working through our oldest and most medically vulnerable. And more good news, we just learned that we would receive another 1st dose shipment for next week! This news is incredible for our community because the vaccine supply in our state remains very tight.

Vaccination Update, Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Vaccine Supply:

Our Drive Thru Immunization Clinic continued administering prime/1st dose of Pfizer today from the shipment we received Tuesday.  Jefferson Healthcare was one of only a few hospitals receiving first/primary dose vaccine this week, and we are grateful to be able to offer new vaccinations to our community.  Individuals who registered for notification on our website were emailed appointment links last Friday, and emails continue to be sent out.

Vaccination Update, Friday, February 12, 2021

Vaccine Supply:

We have vaccine!

This morning (Friday, 2/12) we were informed that our orders for 200 Moderna second/booster dose vaccines AND 975 Pfizer first/primary dose vaccines were approved. Inclement weather has complicated shipping, so we have been told to expect delivery Tuesday, February 16. We will operate the immunization clinic this coming Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and the following Monday to assure all Pfizer 1st dose/booster shots are delivered as quickly as possible. The Moderna vaccine supply is designated for 2nd/booster dose shots and will be used to fill prescheduled 2nd dose vaccinations.

Vaccine Update, Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Vaccine Supply:

As shared in Monday’s update, Jefferson Healthcare ordered 975 Pfizer first dose/primary shots, 500 Moderna first dose/primary shots, and 200 Moderna second dose/booster shots from the Department of Health. We expect to learn the results of our order no later than Thursday, 2/11. If our order is approved, it will be shipped over the weekend and received Monday, 2/15. Upon order confirmation, we will resume scheduling first/primary dose shots and operate the vaccination clinic daily until all vaccine is administered. If our order is rejected, we will place another order next Monday.

Vaccination Update, Monday February 8, 2021

Vaccine Clinic:

The Jefferson Healthcare Drive Thru Immunization Clinic operated all weekend and provided 458 second/booster dose shots. We did not provide any first/primary shots due to limited vaccine availability. To date, we have provided 5,056 total vaccinations and completed 1,553 two dose regimens, representing 6% of our population.

The vaccination center was open today and will provide second/booster doses every day for the next 5 days (2/8-12). During this stretch we expect to provide 1,727 second dose/booster vaccinations completing the two shot regimen for 94% of our patients.

We have limited ability to schedule additional first/primary dose vaccinations because of unfilled vaccination orders. We do expect some first/primary dose vaccinations (300-400) to be scheduled next week due to our vaccination team’s ability to draw extra doses from each Pfizer vile, in an CDC acceptable manner. These vaccinations will be prioritized by existing eligible age cohort, clinical frailty and community equity.*

Vaccine Supply:

Jefferson Healthcare placed an order today, 2/8 for 975 first dose/primary shots, 500 Moderna first dose/primary shots and 200 Moderna second dose/booster from the DOH, an amount proportional to the size of our community. Typically, the order takes 3-4 days to process and we will likely learn the results no later than Thursday, 2/11. If our order is approved, it will be shipped over the weekend and received Monday, 2/15. Upon order confirmation, we will resume scheduling first/primary dose shots and operate the vaccination clinic daily until all shots are put in arms.  If our order is rejected, we will place another order next Monday.

In addition, Jefferson County Public Health submitted an order for 500 Moderna vaccinations. If successful, the vaccine will be transferred to Jefferson Healthcare and we will immediately begin scheduling first/primary dose vaccinations with this supply.

Vaccine Supply Assessment:

We are still in the middle of a vaccine shortage, due to extraordinary high demand and limited Pfizer/Moderna supply. This shortage is more acute for rural communities because the DOH is redirecting as much as 40% of all vaccine to urban mass vaccination sites. We expect this shortage to continue until the end of the month. Johnson & Johnson has applied for FDA Emergency Use Authorization and is prepared to ship 3-5 million doses by early March and another 100 million doses by end of June. Additionally, the Johnson & Johnson product is a 1 dose vaccine so we expect it to markedly improve availability of supply and efficiency of vaccinating our community.

View complete Vaccination dashboard [link]

View previous updates [link]

This post will be updated Wednesday, February 10.


*Age cohort: 75 years old and older.  We will remain in this age band until all/most residents have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

Clinically frail: A select number of active oncology, home health patients and other clinically frail and vulnerable patients. This cohort is narrowly defined by medical staff and leadership.

Community Equity: Members of our community eligible for vaccination but being left behind.

A Message from our CEO, Mike Glenn
February 5, 2021 (updated 2/8/21)

Jefferson Healthcare’s vaccination center will be providing 2nd dose/booster shots for the next several days.  We ordered and recently received 975 doses of Pfizer booster vaccine and will begin vaccinating 2nd dose/booster shots for scheduled patients Saturday through Friday.  In addition, we expect to receive an additional 975 doses of Pfizer booster vaccine the following week and will continue vaccinating scheduled booster shots throughout the week.  As you are likely aware, the Pfizer vaccine requires a booster shot 21 days after the primary shot and CDC protocols recommend this 2 shot regimen be followed. We are very pleased to have confirmed enough vaccine to complete the booster dose in 100% of our vaccination patients.

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