Matt Ready was elected to the hospital board in November 2013 and assumed office January 2014.  Matt worked at Jefferson Healthcare for 15 years up until the day he was elected to office.  His career at Jefferson Healthcare began in the Information Systems department where he worked as a computer technician, application specialist, database administrator, and briefly as the Interim Director.  In 2007, Matt joined the Performance Improvement Department where he worked as a workshop facilitator, data analyst, and problem solver.  In seven years with the Performance Improvement Department Matt lead over 30 improvement workshops and facilitated 50 focused improvement projects with at least one project in virtually every area of the Jefferson Healthcare system.

Matt brings to the board intimate knowledge of operations as well as a deep understanding of the district’s internal strengths and weaknesses.
Matt believes the purpose of a hospital district is to foster a healthy community.  To do that, our hospital district must work relentlessly to ensure that all residents have access to affordable high quality healthcare for all their healthcare needs.  The job of the commissioners is to continuously and rigorously assess the healthcare needs of the community and help guide the hospital district to ensure those healthcare needs are met.  Matt is committed to leveraging his skills and experience to collaborate with the current board of commissioners to achieve that fundamental purpose and help our community be the healthiest it can possibly be.  Matt welcomes your comments and feedback. Commissioner Ready’s current term expires December 2025.