Marie Dressler, RN, was elected to the commission in November 2009 and took her seat in January 2010. She was born, raised, and educated in England, where she became a registered nurse and certified nurse midwife. Residing in Jefferson County since 1981, Dressler was employed for 26 years by the hospital district, working as a registered nurse and primarily providing direct patient care to mothers and babies in the Family Birth Center.

After taking early retirement in 2008, Dressler’s strong desire to continue contributing to the health and well-being of Jefferson County residents manifested as a bid for a position on the commission. She brings 40 years of practical health care experience to her board position, along with management skills learned through two decades of involvement in a small family business and insights gained through employment with a leading pharmaceutical company. Dressler has been a dedicated patient advocate throughout her nursing career. She believes that administrative decisions must take into consideration the effect on patient care. Dressler says that one of her major goals is to ensure that all patients have access to health care services in a timely manner. She also would like to see additional medical specialists available to county residents, as patient needs dictate, even if only on a part-time basis. In addition to her commitment to patient care, Dressler is a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility. She believes that the financial status of the hospital district can and must be improved. Commissioner Dressler’s current term expires December 2027.