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Ready, Set, Fit! | An 8-week , upbeat exercise class taught by a physical therapist

Ready, Set, Fit!  is an 8-week exercise class taught by a physical therapist. Be confident in your body alignment, position and intensity of your exercise routine.  Transfer skills to achieve your personal fitness goals. This upbeat class will feature a blend of many types of exercise: cardio, yoga, dance, pilates, tai chi, and agility training.  Your physical therapist will guide you every step of the way and inspire you to keep up the hard (but fun!) work. $240 (16 classes)

Next Event: Tuesday,January 08

Time: 8:15 AM - 9:45 AM

Location: Wellness Center | QFC Plaza 1230 W. Sims Way

Contact: 360.385.2200 ext 1200

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6 Week Grief Support & Education Workshop

Date & Time:Thursday,13 December, 10:30 AM 01:00 PM

Location: 2500 W. Sims Way, 3rd Floor Conference Room

Contact: Carolyn Cristina Manzoni, MA 360.385.2200 ext. 4615

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Better Breather's Support Group

Date & Time:Monday,17 December, 02:00 PM 03:00 PM

Location: Pulmonary Rehab, 834 Sheridan St.

Contact: Hilary Metzger, RN, 360.385.2200 ext. 1200

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