Jefferson County Health Priorities 2014

Priority #1 – Access to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Care

Goal: Create stable mental health treatment structure in Jefferson County.

Action: Work with Accountable Community of Health to integrate mental health, chemical dependency and medical services for all Medicaid recipients within Jefferson County and the region.

Action: Stabilize local mental health service structure.

Goal: Reduce tobacco use in pregnant women and youth.

Action: Identify tobacco prevention strategies. Goal: Ensure adequate access to mental health, substance use and tobacco treatment.

Action: Evaluate access to treatment and structural community prevention.

Priority #2 – Healthy Eating, Active Living, and Chronic Disease Prevention

Goal: Prevent chronic disease through healthy living, diet, and exercise across the lifespan.

Priority #3 – Access to Care

Goal: Increase access to needed preventative care with special focus on dental, prenatal, and seniors.

Priority #4 – Immunizations

Goal:  Improve immunization rates.

Jefferson County Community Health Improvement Plan


Executive Director Community Health Improvement Plan, John Nowak

p) 360.385.2200 ext. 2036