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Rehabilitation Services

Regain your strength, function and mobility Our team of dedicated therapists work closely with you to get you back to better health. Providing the community with physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy to help achieve rehabilitation goals. Steps to ensure your safety Our COVID-19 response ensures that every person entering the hospital and clinics …

Free Seminar: Vertigo, Dizziness & Concussions – Signs & Symptoms

Jefferson Healthcare Rehabilitation Natalie Irwin, MSPT, CT-LANA will host an education lecture on Dizziness and Concussions Wednesday, September 11th, 4:00-5:30 pm in the Wellness Center in the QFC Plaza. Young or old, dizziness or symptoms of vertigo should not be left unaddressed.  A minor fall or a traumatic head injury can lead to more complicated …

Charlene Sherwood, PT

ABOUT THIS PROVIDER Biography  Charlene has spent most of her professional career at Jefferson Healthcare. Philosophy  She perfers to take a holistic approach to her practice with an emphasis in functional movement and edema reduction. Hobbies  Charlene enjoys yoga, running and hiking. Other Information Lymphedema Education University of Puget Sound, BS in Physical Therapy

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