Support Groups

Support groups are an important part of healing and learning to live with chronic illness or loss. A support group will provide you with an opportunity to meet other people who are in a situation similar to your own. You will have a chance to express yourself, to explore solutions to problems, to learn coping skills, and to gain new insights about living comfortably. The support group setting is positive and nonjudgmental. Support group members look at you not with sympathy but with understanding. The common bond that comes from sharing can bring relief from the stresses of living with loss or chronic illness.

Jefferson Healthcare provides these support groups free of charge and open for anyone who wishes to participate. 

For a current listing of support groups, as well as classes and events, please see our calendar.

 If you have questions about support groups at Jefferson Healthcare, please call Lorena M. Bess, MSW at 360.385.2200 ext. 2042